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St. Jude Cure4Kids is a Web site dedicated to improving health care for children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases in countries around the globe. Cure 4 Kids provides continuing medical education focusing on cancer, pediatrics, oncology, and global communication tools to health care professionals and scientists worldwide. Explore this free resource and start collaborating worldwide!

About Cure4Kids
St. Jude Cure4Kids contains hundreds of seminars, courses, and conferences. All material can be easily used and downloaded for reference and educational purposes. Click below to preview some of our content.
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Content is presented in the form of online seminars and conferences with audio narration, electronic full-text books and journals, and online self-paced courses. Click below to get a visual tour of Cure4Kids.
Cure4Kids for Kids
The St. Jude Cancer Education for Children Program (Cure4Kids for Kids) is an educational outreach initiative of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. It helps school children, their parents and teachers understand the basic science and treatment of cancer and healthy living.

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