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Help: Collaboration & Groups

  •   What is a Live Meeting?
    A Live Meeting is a collaborative web-based live communication available for free to registered Cure4Kids users. These interactive, real time conferences enhance the ability of St. Jude Faculty to provide consultative services to our international affiliates. ...
  •   System Requirements for Live Meetings
     Participant Requirements Win Vista, Win XP, Windows 7 and 8, Mac OSX 10.7+ or Linux* 256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended) IE 8.0+, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome Adobe® Flash® Player 16.0 Internet access at 512 Kbs (kilobits per second) ...
  •   Conducting Successful Online Meetings
    PDF File Conducting Successful Online Meetings
  •   How to Design an Effective Presentation
    PDF File How to Design an Effective Presentation
  •   Cure4Kids Web Meetings Best Practices
    PDF File Cure4Kids Web Meetings Best Practices
  •   Cure4Kids Communities of Practice (CoP)
    PDF File Cure4Kids Communities of Practice (CoP)
  •   What are Cure4Kids Working Groups?
    Cure4Kids Working Groups are interdisciplinary worldwide collaborations of health care providers. Working Groups participants discuss difficult patient cases in Pediatric Oncology, work on new protocols, and conduct research activities. Over 300 international ...
  •   Adding Working Group Members to Your Friends
    To add friends from your working group: •    Log in to Cure4Kids. •    Select Groups from the top menu. •    Click the Group name. •    Select the Members tab. •    ...
  •   Installing Adobe Connect
    To be able to participate or present in the Cure4Kids live meetings users must install Adobe Connect on their computers. To install Adobe Connect users must run the setup wizard one time on each computer they will be using. The setup wizard is a series ...
  •   What is Adobe Connect?
    Adobe Connect is a software application that allows you to collaborate, interact and learn online. Once participants have convened online, Adobe Connect enables the presenter to show visual content (powerpoint), engage in live chat, exchange instant messages, ...
  •   User's Guide to Adobe Connect
    PDF File User's Guide to Adobe Connect
  •   Presenter's Guide to Adobe Connect
    PDF File Presenter's Guide to Adobe Connect
  •   Troubleshooting Guide to the St. Jude Cure4Kids Web Conferencing System
    PDF File Troubleshooting Guide to the St. Jude Cure4Kids Web Conferencing System
  •   Where can I find more information on Cure4Kids working groups?
    Detailed information on how to use Cure4Kids working groups is available in a downloadable document called How to use Cure4Kids Working Groups. Click here to download the document Because this document is in Adobe .pdf format users need to have Adobe ...

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