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Cure4Kids is the leading education and collaboration web site dedicated to supporting the care of children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases worldwide. Cure4Kids provides not only high quality content for continuing education but also web communication tools to support collaborations among pediatric oncologists and health professionals worldwide. All content and services are provided at no cost to the users.

Cure4Kids provides educational content to more than 43,646 doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in 160 countries. Content is presented in the form of online seminars and conferences with audio narration; electronic full-text books and journals; and online self-paced courses. All material can be easily downloaded and shared for educational use.

Content is developed by world experts in the care of children with cancer, various blood disorders, and selected catastrophic conditions such as HIV/AIDS. While most of the content is in English, there are selected materials in Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic. There are also areas for groups to hold web-based meetings, share documents, and discuss clinical treatments of children with cancer. Over 280 international groups meet regularly on Cure4Kids to discuss difficult cases.

Future plans include expansion of our content, additional online collaboration tools, and expanding collaborations with leading societies, hospitals, and institutions. In the words of one of one of our registered users, a physician in Morocco, "It is incredible how Cure4Kids has become essential in our daily work. It is really innovative and very useful for people who are working in settings with limited resources like ours where access to information is not an easy task."

Cure4Kids Overview Seminar:

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There are 43646 users from more than 160 countries using Cure4Kids (see current statistics).

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Cure4Kids is an initiative of the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital International Outreach Program.

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