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  1. by Katherine Ayers

    TCAPS are over! Summer is approaching! Take advantage of this time to remind students of the importance of sun safety while extending their scientific understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum and UV radiation.

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  2. by Katherine Ayers

    As you begin to prepare your school garden for the spring growing season, engage students in health conversations by emphasizing the cancer-fighting power of the foods they grow and eat.

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  3. by Katherine Ayers

    STEM education is defined as the preparation of students in competencies and skills in the four disciplines: science, technology, engineering, and math. When incorporating STEM education into the classroom, the fundamental principal to understand is that the four disciplines cannot be segmented and inserted in isolation of one another. Rather than thinking of each discipline in isolation, the STEM methodology unifies the disciplines to create lessons that encourage students to think critically and creatively about real-world questions and problems. The STEM methodology empowers students with the skills and tools necessary for approaching problems and answering questions. For the teacher, the STEM methodology is a guide for creating in-depth lesson plans that present students with questions that cannot be answered without first solving a problem. This approach to lesson planning can be extended into all academic disciplines.

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  4. by Katherine Ayers

    The St. Jude Cure4Kids for Kids team is pleased to announce the release of our Jr. Health Explorer educational app! With culturally sensitive and age-appropriate content, the app aims to dispel common misconceptions about childhood cancer, promote healthy habits in children that could prevent adult cancer, and increase children’s overall interest in science and health careers.

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  5. by Katherine Ayers

    The Portuguese and Russian translations of the What Are Cells?, What Is Cancer?, and What Is Healthy Living? books are now available for download under the resources tab of the teacher's website.

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