The Cancer Education for Children Program is an outreach initiative of the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Center that aims to support K-12 educators by offering professional development opportunities that provide them with tools for teaching the basic science of cancer formation, treatment, and prevention.


  1. by Katherine Ayers

    The St. Jude Cancer Education and Outreach Program partners with the Shelby County Schools Summer Learning Academies to offer 5th-grade students a weeklong dive into the science, research, and treatment of pediatric cancers.

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  2. by Katherine Ayers

    For teachers like Jessica Minton, helping students understand how science is relevant to their lives is just as important as teaching the content. “I’ve got a lot of kids who don’t necessarily want to be scientists or go into some kind of medical field,” Minton reflects. “So, it’s always the why: ‘Why do I have to know it?’”

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  3. by Katherine Ayers

    Every school can foster a culture of healthy choices and habits by providing nutritious food and drink choices, as well as time for recreation and sport, and putting practical education about food and physical activity on the school curriculum.

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  4. by Katherine Ayers

    Scott Olsen is a research scientist in the Genome Sequencing Facility at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. In this interview, students can learn more about the types of skills needed to conduct scientific research.

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  5. by Katherine Ayers

    In honor of childhood cancer awareness month, St. Jude scientists would like to visit schools int he Memphis area to host interactive workshops that demonstrate the scientific discoveries taking place at St. Jude.

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